ENVY Launch Fixed Rig Capture & Media Management Solution – ENVY CAPTURE



20 January 2021

CAPTURE will enable the client to remove all the pain from fixed-rig workflows – with the team offering live capture of video and audio streams into media ready for the editors, whether they’re working at ENVY or via our REMOTE offering – in either HD or UHD codecs, depending on the client’s needs.

Additionally, all PSC media generated out in the field is processed by the CAPTURE team – backed up and verified onset, ingested, prepared for your project and then securely delivered back to ENVY – making the while workflow from cameraman to editor as seamless as possible.

CAPTURE will also ensure all media is protected from the earliest possible opportunity, with all footage & data being securely stored in multiple physical and digital locations – including a full organised and documented LTO archive for your production.

Teamed with all this media management is our logging tool set that allows your content to be logged, both live and after the event. This pool of metadata is then passed harmoniously through to the offline environment – allowing you to find those perfect shots and get the most out of your content.

Our Team

Find out what our new CAPTURE team and ENVY CEO, Dave Cadle have to say.

Dave Cadle, ENVY CEO

“We have always wanted to enter the fixed rig market and having Ricky, Toby and Elliot on board brings us high calibre people with lots of experience and ENVY is very excited to have them on board as part of our ever-growing future and our new CAPTURE division. In my opinion we are able to offer our clients the best Post interface from rig to post than anyone in the whole of the UK”

Ricky Martin, CAPTURE Head of Technical Operations

“I’m really excited to have joined the team at ENVY and the opportunity to work alongside Toby & Elliot to develop CAPTURE from the ground up is one I am relishing.

ENVY has shown over the years and recently with the launch of their newest product ‘REMOTE’ that they want to lead the industry and invest in innovation; with CAPTURE ENVY continues to push the industry forward with their fresh and dynamic approach. The company’s desire to offer clients the best possible service and ground-breaking ways to accommodate their needs is something that really drew me in.

The opportunity presented by Dave Cadle to lead CAPTURE’s development and build the offering from the ground up is an incredible prospect. It will give us the opportunity to be more involved and adaptable for our clients and help them earlier in the pipeline. The possibility for CAPTURE is exponential and we will continue to add new values and features to stay ahead of the curve. In full, we want to be the people who are called upon for on location capture, the industry leaders.”

Toby Weller, CAPTURE Systems Specialist

“The opportunity to join ENVY and become part of their new ‘CAPTURE’ division was impossible to pass up. ENVY continues to evolve with the industry and sustain their cutting-edge approach to the world of Post, and CAPTURE is undoubtedly the next step forward. Our ambition is to build a world-beating solution that transforms and further merges on-location capture and post-production.

The first step towards this objective is to lay a future-proof foundation that can grow with the industry. There are great technological demands fast approaching and it’s imperative that we innovate to overcome them. We want to provide the perfect end-to-end workflow for our clients which with ENVY’s industry-leading minds we can design. We want to provide features to productions that they had never previously considered, but after using them once, will no longer be able to live without. I want ENVY to be every production company’s default, no-brainer choice when choosing on-location capture.”

Elliot Leigh, CAPTURE Location Supervisor

“ENVY is company who are breaking new ground’ and the opportunity to play a large part in their new CAPTURE division was an easy decision to make.

Having known others who have worked at ENVY, I have always heard great things about the company and their approach to the world of post-production. Likewise ENVY are highly rated throughout  the industry and production landscape, as illustrated in Televisual magazine’s peer & producer polls with ENVY being voted 2nd & 3rd respectively – which not only speaks volumes about their work creatively but their entire operation.

I’ve been closely following the company and the launch of their new service ‘REMOTE’ over recent months and I have been extremely impressed with what I’ve seen – their continued development of offerings to their clients, approach to innovation and their academy which brings through new and exciting talent is something I am eager to be involved with.

With CAPTURE we want to provide clients exactly what they want and not restrict their creativity – our goal is to meet every need or find a way to do it. We have a great team of people here and a lot of experience to bring the best product to our clients. CAPTURE will reflect the same values that ENVY hold and push the limits of what can be achieved. The possibilities are endless and ENVY is really investing in the future of post-production.”