ENVY Invests in New Dolby Studio



5 July 2022

Award winning Post Production facility ENVY continues to work on hundreds of Shortform and Longform projects every year for many high profile clients. Due to an increasing volume of Dolby Atmos projects, ENVY has expanded the number of studios offering Dolby Atmos bringing the total to three.


See what members of management had to say about the work completed on the new studio.

Dave Cadle, ENVY CEO

“We always want to improve the quality of our work and sound plays a huge part in what we do. With the increase in Atmos work, we were keen to provide our clients with an additional Dolby studio making sure we provide the best. We are looking forward to supporting our clients and excited to use our skills and expertise collaborating on projects.”

Daniel Sassen, ENVY CTO

“Our newly completed Dolby Atmos studio has been designed and built with the aim of providing the ultimate Atmos HE mix environment, with the most natural sound sphere provided by our Exigy sound system and beautiful pictures from a reference grade laser projector. The studio has been designed to match the specifications of two existing Atmos studios, all allowing our creatives to mix in Dolby Atmos along with a full Dolby RMU processing system in each studio. Having the Dolby RMU brings workflow efficiencies which means our mixers can totally focus on the creative mix process. We’ve paid a lot of attention to studio ergonomics to cater for various layout preferences giving versatility to the Mixing team.”