Daria, June 2023

“Work experience here has opened up a world of opportunity to me. I received training in various departments which I would have never had the chance to do otherwise. I truly got a a taste of what working in the post production industry was like, all the way from runner to senior positions in the post-production industry.”

Amy, July 2023

“This work experience was so beneficial to learn more about how a post house works. From shadowing the Runners to the one-to-one training sessions, it really helped me narrow down what field I would like to pursue in my own career.”

Ashley, January 2023

“I thoroughly enjoyed my placement at ENVY. It was great to meet so many members of the post-production industry and learn about their roles. It really helped me to decide on a career in post production.”

Anna, January 2023

“This week gave me insights into what working in a post-production house looked like and learned skills that I did not learn at university. Everyone was very welcoming and provided me with advice on what to do next in terms of developing my career.”

Jack, August 2022

“This work experience placement really helped me narrow down the field I’d like to go into one day. I got to meet a lot of people for some really valuable learning time.”

Scarlett, August 2022

“I felt incredibly comfortable with the staff, was taught in great detail about what being a Runner entails and interacted with a lot of people throughout the Company.”

William, August 2022

I found the experience very eye-opening as it allowed me to get a good idea of what to expect when working within a post house and how it runs, as well as what I can expect once I have finished college.”

What happens during a placement?

We offer placements of a week in duration throughout the year, with our scheme designed primarily for those who are currently in education. However, we also welcome applications for those who are simply interested in learning more about ENVY, our services and Post Production in general.

The majority of your time will be spent shadowing our Client Services department. The Runner role is an entry level position not only to ENVY, but also Post Production and the media industry as a whole; this vital role provides access to almost every area of the Company and will allow you to gain better clarity on what you may want to do as a career in the future. Our placements provide a crucial understanding of the structure of a post house and its processes, allowing you to explore the vast array of services offered to clients.

Where possible we will also pair you with an artist, editor or operator relevant to your career interests or studies.

We then conclude each placement with a CV clinic, interview advice or general Q&A with a Senior member of our team.