ENVY’s creative solution to equip graduates with the skills they don’t learn at university.

We are immensely proud of our Academy and its success since creation in 2008. Over the years it has generated hundreds of jobs, produced exceptional home-grown talent and opened our doors to thousands of work experience placements. Our ethos has always been to nurture talent and promote from within wherever possible. We’ve now reached a stage where half of our current workforce is a product of our own Academy.

The ENVY Academy operates in two halves, internally and externally…

Internally, our Academy is an in-house training scheme allowing staff to learn from their senior co-workers and log training hours, exploring any aspect of the company that appeals to them. These logs are monitored and reviewed each month, allowing staff to be nurtured and progress in an effective manner.

Work Experience

Externally, the Academy not only visits academic institutions across the country, delivering talks and workshops but also invites students to apply for ENVY’s work experience scheme.