REMOTE is a platform designed by us at ENVY to bring production, those in the edit and remote workers together.

The platform solves collaboration end to end by bringing everyone working on the project together in one place, giving our clients the complete post production experience wherever they are.

Remote Editing



Our Remote Edit service, provides editors with direct dual screen access to their edit suite.

We fully support flexible working by giving editors and producers the option of working at ENVY some days and working remotely on others.

This flexibility extends across the whole project, allowing productions to have some edits on site, some half and half and some fully remote.

Screen Sharing



The ability to share screens with other members of the production in real-time allows for for a true over-the-shoulder experience.

As with our internal environment, all projects and bins can be shared across edits and when linked with our file sharing capabilities all elements can be sent between all members of the team.




We take security very seriously:

All rushes and media remain on ENVY premises.

All connections we offer are over SSL.

Two Factor Authentication for all logins across web and mobile.

Any data on the cloud is held on AWS servers in London and encrypted at rest.




Our Files service uses Signiant to give the team secure access to their shared storage; allowing them to upload music, voice-over and other files directly to the edits.

Users have true live access, as soon as files are uploaded they are available for the editor to import.




Our Tasks service is a full task management suite.

Clients can add categories and tasks, then assign them to any team member.

Team members get notified on the ENVY Remote mobile app and progress can be tracked throughout.




The Notes function allows the whole team to see all edit and production notes in one place, including attachments.

From edit guidelines to filming and production notes, everyone on the team can stay in the know. Review Links



Our integration provides access to all Review Links from within the platform.

Now you have a centralized place for review and approval workflows and editors can quickly import any comments directly into Avid.




Our Storyboards feature replicates your wall of sticky notes.

Users can create a Storyboard, add notes, change the order, text, colour and get organised.




Hold discussions on any topic with the whole team and add attachments when needed.

Live Chat



Send live messages to your whole project or individual users and get instant notifications on Web and Mobile.




The shared project Calendar makes sure everyone on the project stays up to date with project milestones, shoots, viewings and events.




You don’t have to go far to get access to our dedicated support team.

You can contact offline support by phone, email, live chat and WhatsApp.

Please speak to your ENVY Producer for more information or to setup a demo.