CAPTURE is our specialist onset workflow division that solves all the trials of record and media management within your production.

Our services solve collaboration end-to-end by bringing our expertise in media management, our knowledge of editing and our cutting-edge record technologies out to your location – giving you the complete experience wherever you are filming.

Fix Rig Record

CAPTURE’s record and ingest solutions are designed to overcome the challenges of fixed rig productions – creating high-resolution and proxy versions of the incoming video feeds, straight into edit-ready media – removing long and arduous backup and ingest workflows out in the field.



Edit Ready

Media Management

Our robust verification workflows will look after all your camera media needs – backing up all cards to multiple secure locations onset, then ingesting and preparing media to go back to the edit – once all verified, cards are cleared down and returned to your team, ready to go again.

Superfast Transfers

Fully Verified

Detailed Reports


We create a secure, reliable copy of all your media in a format that can be removed from location – giving you absolute peace of mind that all your content is protected. All the archived assets are handed over alongside interactive content logs allowing for quick retrieval of any media.



Simple Retrieval


CAPTURE can offer a variety of logging options to suit every size production, from the small scale to the largest of rigs, from gallery based to a remote shoot with your camera team – we can make sure your loggers have the tools to add tags and descriptions to those important moments.



Auto Transcription

CAPTURE Features

HD & UHD Codecs


Up to 48 HD channels per system

Up to 12 UHD channels per system

Up to 256 uncompressed audio tracks


700TB per system

Up to 28800 HD Hours
Up to 6000 UHD Hours


Enterprise-Grade Network Protection
User-Access Control


Data-Centre Grade Networking Hardware
40/100Gb backbone


MD5 / XXHash / SHA1 Checksumming

Media Hash Lists

Detailed Media Reporting