ENVY Invests In Darktrace To Protect Clients With AI & ML Technology



2 October 2019

Having impeccable Cyber Security is a challenge in any organisation and with over 500 people (staff and clients) at ENVY and 1000’s of devices accessing the ENVY network on a daily basis; cyber Security to safeguard users from every possible threat to their data & the guaranteed stability of all computers is a priority for our IT team.

As the sophistication and sheer number of cyber threats increase the effectiveness of human capabilities, anti-virus, anti-malware and static security algorithms are becoming steadily obsolete, as a result we decided to research the market for the best solution to assist our Engineering Team with this important task and discovered Darktrace. Darktrace’s artificial intelligence is world-renowned for its ability to uncover never-seen-before cyber-attacks within an organization and neutralize them in real time.

Our Team

Daniel Sassen, ENVY CTO

”When we discovered Darktrace, we were astounded by the sophistication of their artificial intelligence; in just a short period of time during our proof of value Darktrace was able to detect rare behaviours within our digital infrastructure and bring them to our attention.

The advancements in IT Security Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are now available to the masses which means the use of AI and ML in cyber-attacks will now increase exponentially. Consequently, having dynamic and intelligent network protection is now a must and Darktrace are one of the leading providers. The integration process was seamless and Darktrace was fully operational within a few hours. With a permanent display set up to monitor threats and anomaly’s visually as well as receiving email alerts, ENVY’s engineering team are quickly notified of threats in real time when the AI detects behaviour as significantly anomalous.”

Dave Cadle, ENVY CEO

“Content owners and providers deserve to have their data protected and feel that they can operate safely using our facilities. We want our clients and staff to feel safe in the knowledge that ENVY value the importance of cyber protection and that we believe in offering the best virtual protection that no one else currently has in our space.”