ENVY Post Production Expands Facility



30 September 2021

ENVY Post Production expands Facility with additional 30 edit suites.

ENVY has invested ¾ of a million in its future growth by adding an additional 30 rooms to their Holden House premises. An increase in demand for more rooms and winning some big projects spurred the decision. Although hybrid work approach is popular there is still a huge demand for physical facilities. The recent announcement follows the announcement of our two new divisions ENVY REMOTE & CAPTURE.

Find out what Team ENVY had to say

Dave Cadle, ENVY CEO

“Building based post houses have been questioned for years and even more in post COVID times; with the majority of the industry talking about cutting back on real estate and pushing remote work.

We have the ability to fully remote out every single one of our devices and all 200+ suites, giving our clients, production companies and anyone else who requires our services, complete freedom over how they want to work – be it in the facility, remotely or a hybrid approach.

However, we’re seeing an increase in demand for our physical facilities; people are booking more rooms than before and are looking to push through more projects than ever, in fact we’ve had to acquire more space and increase our capacity in order to match the demand. Clients want to come in and embrace the creatives & their talent, with post production being such collaborative art, we want to see our clients and the evidence shows that they want to see us.

Similarly, certain aspects of what we do in post can only be executed in a ‘proper’ post environment, for example, mixing Dolby Atmos. Ultimately, we need to be here because our clients want us to be, people want to come to a place where everything they need & more is easily accessible, which is not always possible when working from home”.


Natascha Cadle, Creative Director

“Holden house is an amazing space and we’re extremely happy to have obtained another floor in this building. All the suites are to be fully spec’d out by our remarkable engineering team, the location remains close to our other central London facilities, every room has access to natural light and there is a beautiful roof terrace. Ultimately this space enables us to meet the increasing demand for physical space and offline suites – while continuing to offer our usual high ENVY standards in every way.”

Jai Cave, Head of Operations

“Speaking to our clients over the last year, our feedback signals that the market is heading toward a hybrid work approach. It is clear that whilst remote working is going to be a useful tool in the long-term, demand for hybrid working and physical facilities (edit suites) is going to continue to grow. Offering our clients true flexibility whilst recognising that in person communication is important is going to be the most preferred way of working for the foreseeable.”