ENVY Rank 2nd In Televisual Producer Poll



19 November 2019

Televisual’s Facilities 50 annual survey is one of the most eagerly awaited publications amongst the Post industry, the survey classifies the top 50 post production facilities; with the best going head to head for the top spot. We are proud to say that ENVY was ranked 5th in the overall Poll but more importantly ENVY is ranked No2 in this year’s Televisual Producer Poll in between The Mill at the No1 spot and MPC at No3 so we are in good company! Even better still is that we are voted Number 1 in the TV Producers Poll which is incredible news!

Some of the feedback & comments that we received in Televisual

• ‘Friendly, creative, efficient, very well run and a great internal structure’

• ‘Skilled operators’ – ‘ the best in the business’

• ‘High standard of work, talent & experience’

• ‘Work on programmes and vast amounts of material but always manage to make the workflow seamless’

• ‘Run large operations (25+ hour series) in a calm and collected way’

• ‘Easily handle volume & tight deadlines’

• ‘Always looks the part’

• ‘Strength of brand’
“I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone at ENVY Post Production and ENVY Advertising for working very hard and being brilliant at what they do and of course a big thank you to our clients as without them we wouldn’t be where we are today”.
Dave Cadle, ENVY CEO