The Credits

Created by: YT Industries
Written by: Andreas John, Markus Flossmann, Otto Bathurst, Toby Leslie
Agency: SHIFT Active Media


Colour & VFX: Absolute

Additional Edit: Absolute

VFX Supervisor: James Coore

Storyboard Artist: Sean Donaldson
Concept Artist: Ran Manolov, Pedro de la Puente
Colour: Matt Turner

CFX Artists: Ameen Abbas, Craig Healy, Ahmed Ghazy
CG Artists: James Coore, Guliz Demiray, Sersha Lawrence, Ameen Abbas, Craig Healy, Ollie Grant, Matt Lowery, Dan Baiton, Matt Burn
2D Lead: Scott Simmonds
2D Artists: Carl Godwin-Alvarez, Gustavo Ribeiro, Lucas Warren, Chris Tobin, Chris Chitty, Katie Rhodes
Graphics: William Smith, Lawrence Scanlon
Editors: Tom Boucher, Thomas Higgins
Executive Producer: Danny Duke
Producers: Dale Amanda Heron, Matt Supersad
Sound Design: Wave Studios

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Envy Credits

Visual Effects

Absolute is an award-winning visual effects studio, home to a wealth of world-class artists and with a broad range of services for both Longform and Shortform work.
About Absolute

Originally operating within the commercial realm, circa 2015 saw the studio begin collaborations with filmmakers and content creators across feature films and episodic productions. Absolute have crafted effects across feature films featuring Hollywood stars such as Mads Mikkelsen (Return Of The Goat), Jude Law (The Nest) and Emma Stone (Maniac). Meanwhile, their episodic portfolio boasts solutions for BBC (Great Expectations), Disney+ (Super/Natural) and Prime Video UK (The Rig), whilst How To Be A Person for Channel 4 won a BAFTA.