ENVY Academy: A Year in Review



27 December 2022

In a year of expansion and growth, 2022 really had it all. In the first full year post-Covid, our internal training scheme, ENVY Academy, made its highly anticipated return. Training is vitally important for not only ENVY but the industry as a whole and our Creative Director, Natascha Cadle realised this over 15 years ago and started the ENVY Academy. It has since further developed under the guidance from Tom Morgan, Head of Client Services and the management team at ENVY.
With restrictions being reduced and later removed completely in the early months of the year, face-to-face training was brought back for junior members of staff to continue their development into a department of their choice at the Company. Over the course of the year, our Client Services team have undertaken 3145 hours of logged training hours in departments including Offline, Audio and Bookings to name but a few.

As we move into 2023, we are excited to see what the next generation of talent will bring with the introduction of our Staff Development Manager; a new role created to oversee the development of all ENVY’s junior staff from Runners up to Post Production Coordinators and Senior MCR Assistants. The SDM regularly meets with staff on a one-to-one basis, setting targets, training plans, and guiding them toward their desired department. In addition, we have introduced SkillsBase, a skills management software that allows both the individual and department head to track abilities and training.

The drop of restrictions has also allowed ENVY to reconnect with several universities and academic institutions we have worked with in previous years. We have enjoyed visiting these institutions up and down the country, giving guidance and support to the next generation of talent with technical master classes and advice on breaking into the industry. An initiative we look forward to expanding further in 2023.

Moving on up

Part of ENVY’s ethos is to promote from within wherever possible, to help build a tightly knit connection amongst our staff. Over the course of 2022, 27 members of staff were promoted from the ENVY Academy into junior roles across the Company including Offline, Online, Audio, Bookings, VFX and Marketing.

The Team Reflects on a Successful 2022

Natascha Cadle, Creative Director and Academy Founder

“The Academy is incredibly important to us and our industry.  Our devotion is nurturing talent and creativity and providing clients with a great partnership that is unparalleled in post-production so finding new diverse talent is vital for our business.”

Tom Morgan, Head of Client Services

“The Academy has truly come back stronger! We have made significant investment into our internal training scheme, allowing even more efficient and effective training, fast-tracking our juniors into roles across all departments. Equally, the re-introduction of our Work Experience scheme has been massively rewarding for both ENVY and the students who visit. We are very much looking forward to what the Academy will produce in 2023.”

Work Experience is Back

2022 also saw the return of Work Experience, a scheme designed to give students a taste of how a post house works and what really goes into creating a finished television programme behind-the-scenes. We have welcomed over 25 placements since the scheme restarted in August, 4 of which resulted in direct hires. The scheme aims to facilitate over 120 placements in 2023.