The Apprentice is back and fighting for finance

16 ambitious entrepreneurs are competing to win a life-changing £250,000 investment in their business. With the loser’s cab on standby, there’s no easing gently back into boardroom life and Lord Sugar makes it clear from the outset that the stakes are higher than ever.
Each task will end with the candidates being summoned in to fight their corner in the boardroom, with one final opportunity to escape the firing line.
Sixteen candidates, twelve tough tasks, one life-changing opportunity.

Dicky Everton, ENVY Online Editor

“My brief is to maintain the traditional feel of The Apprentice, and use my judgement and experience to enhance the picture as much as possible.

The on-line process primarily involves stabilising, painting, cloning, de-noise, rotation, and other enhancement work. Most of the hand-held camera footage requires some stabilisation, just to smooth out the bumps, while leaving it still looking ‘live’ and hand-held. I use a range of stabilisers; from the Avid auto-stabiliser, through to BCC Optical Stabiliser for trickier shots with unwanted rotation. I use the paint and clone tools available to remove extraneous items from shot; such as booms and crew, and also remove or disguise unwanted reflections and shadows.

Once I’ve completed the on-line, I do a detailed watch-through with the Executive Producer, Paul Broadbent, marking-up any shots that require further work, which I then complete, for his final approval.”

Envy Credits


Once the Offline is completed, our experienced Online team will bring your project to life with their knowledge and skills.

Our online team operate across ten Avid Symphony suites and two Autodesk Flame systems all connected via high performance shared storage, working at resolutions from HD up to 4K HDR and beyond if required. They offer the latest plugins from both Boris and Sapphire, as well as the highest quality broadcast monitoring available. The team are highly experienced in large-scale multi-episodic productions as well as fast turnaround ‘day of transmission’ style projects.