Graphics + CGI

Our wonderful VFX team can make your visions a reality, whether that be designing a gripping title sequence or adding a 3D object to a scene.

The VFX Studio department operates with a multi skilled crew of artists running software including; Maya, C4D, After Effects, Photoshop and Nuke. We offer design solutions across the board from CGI modelling and animation to texturing, lighting and rendering, as well as complex roto-scoping and compositing. Our team of artists can fulfil any brief from 2D title sequences through to 3D animation. We have remote stations for working with clients in suites and/or on location providing a total VFX experience.


Once the Offline is completed, our experienced Online team will bring your project to life with their knowledge and skills.

Our online team operate across ten Avid Symphony suites and two Autodesk Flame systems all connected via high performance shared storage, working at resolutions from HD up to 4K HDR and beyond if required. They offer the latest plugins from both Boris and Sapphire, as well as the highest quality broadcast monitoring available. The team are highly experienced in large-scale multi-episodic productions as well as fast turnaround ‘day of transmission’ style projects.


Our Sound department are able to create thrilling soundscapes, record and edit voiceovers and mix the most complex of projects.

Our Broadcast division has nine sound studios, all with VO booths alongside two additional Audio Prep rooms. All our studios are 5.1 capable with three studios being Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. All suites run the latest ProTools 20.12 software with the latest plugins. As well as mix, we also offer ADR, Foley and remote voice over.